Livewordication  je proizvod dugogodisnjeg zivljenja kroz reci.

Nisam sigurna koliko to dobro radim, ali oni koji citaju, kazu da umem da pretocim sveza kolektivna osecanja u originalno individualno obracanje citaocima.

Mnogi su izgubili snagu kriticke svesti, a ja se ne dam.Ne zelim da prihvatim gluposti danasnjice i ne zelim da cutim i klimam glavom na ono sto mi kao coveku i gradjaninu pomera osu dostojanstva.

Zato, ja pisem.

Koja je tvoja super moc?

Livewordication is a product of life through words.

I’m not sure how well I’m doing it, but those who read say that I am good at converting collective feelings into unique speech to readers.

Many people have lost power of critical awareness, but I’m not giving up. I don’t want to accept nonsense of our time and our society, and I don’t want to keep quiet about it and approve in that way everything that moves my axis of dignity, as a man and citizen.

Because of that, I write.

What’s yours superpower?


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